Privileged’s Joanna Garcia and Yankee Nick Swisher Are Engaged (Photos, Video)

May 29, 2010

The beautiful Joanna Garcia and handsome Nick Swisher are reportedly engaged, we have all the details about this interesting news plus check out the photos and videos below.

Nick Swisher 1Joanna Garcia 1

Joanna Garcia plays Megan Smith in Privileged, but you also know her for her role as Bree Buckley in Gossip Girl and from now on you can think about her as the soon to be Mrs. Nick Swisher as they recently got engaged!

As for her cute boyfriend you might know him as the New York Yankees’ right fielder, former Chicago White Sox and Oakland Athletics player. He has been a Yankee since November 2008.

Joanna’s dating history is quite interesting from Jaron Lowestein (Evan & Jaron) to Justin Timberlake’s assistant, partner and friend Trace Ayala and Robert Buckley (Lipstick jungle, Privileged), who she briefly dated in 2009.

But then rumors about Joanna dating a new sexy dude came out in August 2009, but who was that hottie? It turned out to be a New York Yankee, not so long after a picture of them taken in New York at the World Series Parade showing them so in love.

And now on May 28, 2010 news about the couple getting engaged came out, this is Nick’s first relationship we heard of and his first engagement, while we know of Joanna’s previous relationships, her relationship with Nick is her second with a guy related to Sports. From 2002 to 2004 she dated Bob Bryan and even her brief engagement to Trace Ayala so this will be her second engagement for her.

No more news regarding how or where they got engaged have come out nor details about how Nick popped the question to Joanna, but don’t worry as soon as we hear anything you’ll be the first to know, tell us what do you think about this Privileged actress and the Yankee’s engagement? Take a look at some photos here and the video below.

Nick Swisher photo 1Joanna Garcia photo

Photos: Andres Otero, Fayes Vision Allison

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