Tanning Beds: Cancer Risk Quadruples!

May 28, 2010

Memorial Day weekend is just upon us. Don’t have that nice sun kissed look yet? Should you get a jump start and head for the tanning beds? Cancer risk quadruples, so you may want to rethink that one. Read more about this story below plus check out some photos and video.

tanning beds

Beware! Think twice before getting that beautiful bronze look via tanning beds. Cancer (melanoma) risk just about quadruples if you decide you want to fake bake.

For sure, we all strive to look good in a bikini, right ladies? We try to do whatever we can to achieve that goal. It’s certainly not something we can fix overnight, but patience is a virtue. Tanning beds, on the other hand, are a nice quick fix if we’re looking a bit, um, ghostly. We’ve all heard the risks of tanning beds & cancer, but you’ll be shocked to hear new information that was just released.

A new study put out by the University of Minnesota revealed that consumers who use a tanning bed had a 74 % increased risk of being stricken with melanoma.

“We found that it didn’t matter the type of tanning device used; there was no safe tanning device,” author DeAnn Lazovich said. “We also found — and this is new data — that the risk of getting melanoma is associated more with how much a person tans and not the age at which a person starts using tanning devices.”

Who took part in this study? “People ages 25 through 59 who were diagnosed with invasive cutaneous melanoma between July, 2004, and December, 2007.”

Each of these people were interviewed via telephone and were asked what types of tanning beds they used, how long they used it, how old they were when they first started fake baking, etc.

Additionally, it was determined that an astounding 69,000 people will unfortunately receive a melanoma diagnosis this year. You can go here to read a transcript between NPR host Renee Montagne and Dr. Lazovich, who gives more insight regarding their study.

You can see a video regarding tanning beds & cancer risk below.

tanning beds

Photo: Flickr.com/whatsername

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