50 Cent Weight Loss: Things Fall Apart Movie Role (PHOTOS!)

May 26, 2010

Much talk about Rapper/ Actor 50 Cent’s weight loss as he revealed some shocking pictures of his new much slimmer figure, as he got ready for his Things Fall Apart movie role. Keep reading to know this full story plus check out 50 Cent’s photos and video below.

50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson aka 50 Cent has always proven to be so dedicated to his career as a successful rapper and now he proves the same in his career as a movie actor, how is that? Well 50 is portraying a college football player who is dying.

His shocking weight loss from 214 to 160 (54 pounds) he accomplished in nine weeks by taking a liquid diet and walking for three hours on the treadmill, the first picture of 50 when he was down 30 pounds was revealed in March, his pal and fellow rapper Tony Yayo commented on 50’s discipline during his diet.

"50 doesn’t party, he doesn’t drink. For his new film, the guy was, like, 130 pounds. He was running from the airport to the hotel. And I was like, ‘Man, he has the three D’s: desire, determination and [direction].’ " Tony Yayo said.

50 also said that he was starving the whole time, he said that he was supposed to lose 65 pounds, the pictures were taken when he lost 54, check those pictures out here! Wow! I can’t imagine how he would look with another 10 pounds lighter this is way too scary for my taste.

He sure is dedicated but another most powerful reason was behind all this, as I told you before 50’s role in this movie is of a college football player who was diagnosed with cancer during his senior year, a close and dear friend of 50’s died of cancer.

The title of his new movie is Things Fall apart which he wrote and is co-producing under his own Cheetah Vision Films, but he is not alone. His pal, Mexican actor Mario “Chip” Van Pebbles is directing and also acting.

Other actors that will be in the film are Ray Liotta, Steve Eastin, Mike P and Lynn Whitfield (comedian). It started shooting this month in Michigan and will be released next year.

Maybe you remember that this is not his first weight loss for a movie, back in 2008 he did the same for Microwave Park with Val Kilmer and Sharon Stone, and he put his pounds back into those amazing muscles of his, right now he is doing the same thing as he gets ready for his tour that will begin next week.

You really don’t want to miss him in his role in Things Fall Apart next year, what do you think about 50 Cent’s weight loss? Right now you can take a look at 50 Cent’s photos and his weight loss video below.

50 Cent pic50 Cent Picture50 Cent things Fall Apart actor

50 Cent Pictures

50 Cent’s Weight Loss for Things Fall Apart Video

Photos: www.wenn.com/ Adriana M. Barraza, J Ramos, Sakura

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