Simona Halep’s Breast Reduction photos (Video)

May 26, 2010

For the young Simona Halep, having big breasts and playing tennis was not such a good thing, after giving thought to having a breast reduction surgery, she finally made the decision to do it, now she is showing her new “C cup” figure. Keep reading and find out the rest of this story plus check out Simona Halep’s photos and videos below.

Simona Halep

Having a 34DD cup might be good for any woman who doesn’t practice any sport, but for 18 year old Simona Halep it was a pain in the neck, well actually on her back. The men always ogle at her chest, but with that face she doesn’t need it, she is a stunner no matter what size her bra cup is, but for Simona having large breasts was causing critical back pain and affecting her game.

"The breasts make me uncomfortable when I play, it’s the weight that troubles me – my ability to react quickly," Simona Halep Said.

So she made the decision to have her breasts’ cup size reduce, which made hundreds of male fans very sad and even you were able to find websites that made a picture gallery of her breasts, but there was also some critics towards her decision. This one came from Volleyball player Alena Schurkova who also has big breasts (32E).

I don’t like them in my everyday life, either. I would have gone for surgery even if I hadn’t been a sportswoman.’

But she made the decision and went in to have breast reduction surgery last year, the first pictures of her new 34C figure surfaced some time after that. Now she was looking forward to trying it out on the tennis court.

Simona Halep ranks 144th, maybe she was a bit out of shape, even though she was carrying less weight on her back she was still defeated at the French Open by Samantha Stosur from Australia. We wish you better luck next time, Simona! I think that even after her breast reduction she looks amazingly beautiful.

Take a look at Simona Halep’s photos and the before and after her breast reduction surgery video below.

Simona Halep Before Breast reduction surgerySimona Halep Before Breast reduction picture 1Simona Halep after Breast reductionSimona Halep breast reduce photo 1

Simona Halep 34DD Video

Simona Halep Before and After breast reduction video

Photos: Dauphin-Meunier

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