Serena Williams and Common Split Up Update!! (Photos, Video)

May 26, 2010

Tennis Star Serena Williams and rapper/actor Lonnie Rashied Lynn aka Common have reportedly split up. Keep reading to know the rest of this news and take a look back at their relationship plus don’t miss the photos and videos below.

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Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players in the world, while Lonnie Rashied Lynn also know as Common is one hell of a rapper and Grammy winner. As an actor he is doing quite well I have to say, his latest movie “Just Wright” along with Queen Latifah was awesome, in that movie he plays a basketball player, he must be so into sports, right?

Well he was when he began dating Serena Williams back in 2007, and media began to follow them all over, there are those pictures in Barbados – remember when Serena had that slight wardrobe malfunction and one of the ladies came out? They really looked great and so in love, sources said that Serena was even thinking about kids with Common, as for him he also talked a lot of his relationship with Serena, how they play tennis together, but now all that is over as news are reporting that Serena and Common have split up, So Sad!

So why did they break up? It was rumored that they just simply “grew apart” and there wasn’t really much to do but split up and remain as very good friends. That really is too bad, I still remember that sometime around last year rumors about them breaking up surfaced, but then it was denied as media reported that were still dating, but sadly now it is official, they have split up indeed.

Did you like how they looked together? Do you think there is another reason for their break up? Let’s take a look at some of their photos right here and take a look at the video below that will take you back at some of pictures of them while dating.

Serena Williams photoCommon photoSerena Williams picture

Serena Williams and Common Video

Photos: Joseph Marzullo, PNP, Starbux

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