Jamaica: Death Toll Rising In Drug Hunt

May 29, 2010

If you haven’t heard what is going on in Jamaica, death tolls is rising as authorities try to apprehend and extradite Christopher “Dudus” Coke. He is one of the world’s most dangerous drug lords, and with all his supporters, mayhem is breaking out! Read more about this below the photo, with a video.


After 9 months of fighting the extradition desire from the US and Jamaican people, Prime Minister Bruce Golding has finally agreed. Mr. Coke’s supporters, the Shower Posse, see him as a community leader and have been doing anything they can to protect him.

With their attacks, the Jamaica death toll is now at 26 and there has been a state of emergency issued. There are many things this man and his followers are suspected of, but the US wants him for drug and weapon trafficking. If they are able to capture and convict him, he will face a life sentence in New York. However with the calculated and brutal attacks on police, it will be no easy task, if possible at all.

The most recent incident took place Tuesday in the capital of Kingston. Police tried to raid one suspected stronghold, but were met with barricades and extreme violence, and at least 11 are said to be killed.

“What is taking place is a calculated assault on the authority of the state that cannot be tolerated, and will not be allowed to continue.”

This, of course, has people is a state of unrest, and some are tweeting about the terrible events. I can’t imagine what it must be like in that country right now. Mark Shields, former police commissioner explained:

“Security forces are under extreme pressure now. We have urban war going on.”

Hopefully there will be some favorable news coming from the small island nation soon, and no more Jamaican deaths! Tolls are already way too high! Let me know what you think about the horrific events, and check out this video.

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