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May 25, 2010

After almost 7 years of marriage, the two partners separated. We now hear an emotional poem from Melissa Etheridge’s ex! Splitting was apparently not as mutual as the singer made it sound! Read more drama below, with more photos and a video.

Melissa Etheridge Ex  2

She is almost more known for her activism these days than her music. Though her latest album is one of the many things Tammy Lyn Michaels brings up in her long-winded blog post about the couple’s break up. And this isn’t the first time we have heard intriguing words from her!

Last month after being hounded about their relationship, on Oprah she admitted that Tammy would soon be Melissa Etheridge’s ex! Splitting was described as a joint decision as much “as those things can be.” That upset Michaels who tried to clarify things on her site, eluding to the fact that she was left.

A very sad and depressing post about their situation in February was deleted, which is also blamed on the “Fearless Love” artist! But now she is laying it all out there. And I mean all, as this poem is very verbose! Here are some highlights from her remarks:

“i did not go anywhere, honey. / and you and i both know it / please stop telling the press it was mutual.”

“disappearances into the / hourglass-shaped wood with strings / never to finish a fight / never interested in clarifying, / making sense, making it right.”

And though it seems she is upset with her one time lover, she does let us know that it has been so tough to move on.

“i love that damn woman so much, i’m still trying to stop,” she writes. “i had a dream last where / honey and i were fighting and going to get a divorce, and i woke up sobbing … then i / realized. oh. it’s true.”

The couple have two children together, and Melissa has two from a previous relationship. They do want to take care of the kids, and hopefully they will work it out soon.

What are your thoughts on Melissa Etheridge’s ex’s split up blog? Let me know below, and don’t miss these photos and video.

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Photos: Wiggins, JDH/JCP, Adriana M. Barraza, Aaron D. Settipane, Katherine Burgers

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