Maria Jimenez: Kobe Bryant’s Maid Lawsuit Dropped

May 24, 2010

Maria Jimenez, Kobe Bryant’s maid, is ready for her lawsuit over dog poop some time ago, but why did she decided to dropped it? Keep reading to know all about this story, plus check out the photos and video below.

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As you all remember Kobe Bryant’s former maid Maria Jimenez filed a lawsuit against Kobe and his wife Vanessa Bryant after she allegedly made her pick up a blouse tag out of a bag fill with dog poop, you do remember that story right? Well for those of you who don’t, let’s sum it up!

Jimenez was working as a maid at the Bryants when one day she allegedly put Vanessa’s brand new blouse in the washer and ruined it, so Vanessa told Maria to take the price tag out of a bag that was filled with the dog’s feces to show her how expensive it was and that she was supposed to pay her back.

The blouse cost $690 and Vanessa allegedly told her that she had until payday to pay her that money, which according to Jimenez she did, but we forgot that Maria also said that Vanessa allegedly yelled at her and said terrible, disrespectful things to her in front of the other employees, Kobe and their children, so she said that she was going to quit, but then Kobe talked her out of it. Eventually she was allegedly fired.

So in return she filed a lawsuit against the Bryants where she claimed “invasion of privacy, emotional distress and for being wrongfully fired, so she was asking for over $20,000 in unpaid wages and damages plus $127,000 in unpaid medical benefits.”

Of these claims Vanessa said that Maria is lying, they treated her very nice and always paid her salary even gave her money when she asked for some time off to go to Peru. Even so Vanessa made her allegedly sign a confidentially agreement when she hired Maria back in 2007, so the Bryants countersued Maria.

So after some time after all this and that Maria decided to drop her lawsuit, just like that?

Well not just like that, she is allegedly walking out with six figures in her pocket, rumors have said that Kobe and Vanessa Bryant paid their ex maid over $200,000 to drop the charges and keep her mouth shut.

Wow!! So for Maria Jimenez, Kobe Bryant’s maid, she drops the lawsuit and gets a lot of money to fly first class over a thousand times to Peru. Take a look at the photos and video.

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Photos: John Cronise, David Livingston

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