Robert Pattinson Hair Do is a Hit!

May 24, 2010

Some of you may disagree, but I love Robert Pattinson’s hair cut shorter! Though he is well known for those longer locks, his new movie “Water for Elephants” required the cut, and he showed it off on Ellen. Read more about this below, including more photos and a video of his appearance.

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Almost every day I read a story about another celebrity chopping off their hair, including Janet Jackson’s recent pixie cut. And though he tried to start a rumor about having an “infestation” he admitted it was for his role starring alongside Reese Witherspoon.

When the topic came up on the talk show’s stage, RPattz joked,

“It’s three days old,” he told the host. “I got a terrible infestation of nits and had to shave it all off.”
“No you did not,” Ellen replied. “Don’t start that rumor.”

This story went viral last Monday right after Robert Pattinson’s hair was chopped off! Photographers caught him in a hat on top of a rumored short do! What can we say; his hair is as popular as him! One source even stated that the clippings were stolen!

“Robert has had his hair cut short for a movie role but his discarded hair has gone missing. Someone collected it and Rob is concerned it will end up in some tacky auction. It’s probably about the most valuable hair in showbiz!”

Who knows about that, but as soon after people suspected him, we saw him on Ellen talking about his locks along with other things. He was shocked to find out how popular a topic his buzz was. Well hello, you’re a vampire hottie!!

So, what about you? Do you like Robert Pattinson’s hair now or did you prefer those long tresses? Leave me your comments below, and check out more photos and a video of his Ellen appearance.

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Photos:, PNP, Andres Otero, Michael Carpen

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