Bullfighter Gored in Throat: Julio Aparicio in Critical Condition (Video)

May 22, 2010

Spanish Bullfighter Julio Aparicio was brutally gored in his throat, the news about this is going insane so we bring to you the amazing story plus some photos and last but not least the shocking video.

Bullfighter Gored 1

Everything was going just perfect as the festivities in Madrid were celebrating the Feria de San Isidro (San Isidro Festival) in honor of Madrid Patron San Isidro Festival In Spain. May is the month that they have most of their bullfights, so even more excitement was perceived by spectators that were gathering at La Plaza de Toros where the biggest party was going to be in the hands of the famous Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio.

Julio Aparicio Diaz was born in Seville on January 4, 1969 this will make him 41 years old. He was born in Seville. His father Julio Aparicio Martinez was also a famous bullfighter.

Julio Aparicio was giving spectators what they came to watch, a great bullfight, but then everything went horribly wrong. When he was just about to do the Estocada ( the final fight when the matador kills the bull with his sword) he was sent to the ground by the 1,100 pound bull named Apiparo who later put his horn into Julio’s throat and out of his mouth.

He was taken immediately to 12 de Octubre Hospital where he went into a six hour surgery to correct his 25 cm open throat, broken jaw bone, and his tongue which was also cut open. More shocking pictures are here!

Dr. Maximo Garcia Padrós said that after the surgery went well there was no need to be worried and that he was hoping to get Aparicio slowly but fully recovered. Last year Julio was also gored by a bull on his leg and sent into the air like a rag doll.

"We don’t have a reason to fear for his life, although he will have a very slow recuperation."

As for Apiparo the bull, it was reported that another bullfighter killed him, oh God! I can’t think how terrible it was for Julio Aparicio, but I still can’t help to feel so bad for the bull either. Ok! So now take a look at the photos right here plus the video when the Bullfighter was horribly gored on his throat, be careful it contains really graphic images!!

Bullfighter Gored photoBullfighter Gored Picture

Bullfighter Gored on the Throat videos

Photos: www.wenn.com, Rui M. Leal.

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