Matilde Mourinho: Jose Mourinho’s Wife (Photos, Video)

May 22, 2010

Jose Mourinho’s beautiful wife Matilde Mourinho has kept sort of a low profile during her famous husband career, but when the alleged affair came up we heard so much about her, but wouldn’t you love to learn more details about her? Keep reading to know it all plus don’t miss Matilde Mourinho’s photos and video below.

Matilde Mourinho

Jose Mourihno is Inter Milan’s head who defeated Bayern Munich on the FIFA Champion League Final, while many wonder about the chief’s life, we wonder about the chief’s wife, that will be Matilde Mourinho, so let’s dig into her life.

Matilde, or Tami as most people know her, met her husband Jose in their natal Setubal, Portugal where the Portugal famous soccer club Vitoria was born. When they bumped into each other they were just a couple of teenagers, after years of courtship, he finally popped the question and they got married in 1989.

Matilde’s gorgeous girl Matilde is now a 14 year old beautiful young lady, Jose Jr. is now the 10 year old little man of the house when daddy is not home.

Matilde has always been shy and reserved, devoted to her family, but then we heard about a certain employee, a Brazilian girl who claimed that when she took some time off for her wedding and came back to find out that she had allegedly been fired after another employee told Matilde she allegedly called her a witch. Even more shocking news were the ones we heard about her husband having a two year alleged affair with some Italian girl with whom he even lived with! His alleged mistress Elsa Sousa was introduced as his wife, and the world began to search for the real Mrs. Mourinho. But even though there is a big scandal going on with her marriage she still kept it to herself, rumors that she was divorcing her husband and even talking to lawyers were heard, but even now nothing has been confirmed as pictures of them were taken In Angra Dos Reis, like a regular and happy family, and she was along with her husband and children at the champions League final celebrating their victory over Munich 2-0. For the moment Matilde and her family are George Clooney’s neighbor, they live in Lake Como, while Jose travels to his work in Milan.

So maybe Jose Mourinho’s wife will be joining him in Spain as he might be Real Madrid’s new coach, either way take a look at Matilde Mourinho’s photos and video below, where it explains how Italian fans were asking the Vatican a sanctification for her after all she went through with her husband’s alleged affair.

Matilde Maurinho PhotoMatilde Maurinho picture

Photos: Deme, Vince Maher, Jambala/ydImage.

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