Yulia Arshavin: Andrei Arshavin’s Wife (Video)

May 20, 2010

Meet the beautiful Yulia Arshavin, she is Arsenal’s Andrei Ashavin’s wife. Would you like to know more about her? Then keep reading and don’t forget to check out Yulia Arshavin’s photos and video below.

Yulia Arshavin

Yulia Arshavin’s husband Andrei has been playing for the Russian’s national Team since 2002, he is now the team’s captain and also since 2009 part of the English team Arsenal. Moving to England was not a such a great idea for Yulia, but she still followed her man and the father of her two young children.

Yulia, now 26 years old, used to be a radio presenter in Russia, she met her hubby in the summer of 2003 when he was playing for Zenit Saint Petersburg. They began to date some time after and their love grew in a way that they couldn’t be apart, although they are not married, they refer to each other as husband and wife.

There is not much information about Yulia except for her alleged interview to the English press were she allegedly said that she didn’t like London nor English food, beer or fashion and even touched a delicate issue, she said that English woman are dirty.

“As far as London’s citizens are concerned, I didn’t like them at all. They are very dirty, scruffy. London is a very dirty city. The women there don’t care about themselves and what they look like.

They are very scruffy. Often you see a woman in a street gobbling up a hamburger with grease dropping on her dress. English food is disgusting. It doesn’t taste good and the price doesn’t correspond to the quality. I didn’t like English beer, either.

“I can’t understand how the whole of England can drink it at lunchtime. Although I was only there a few days, I was homesick. I wanted to go back to my St Petersburg home.”

But she made an exception she loves Victoria Beckham.

"I like her very much, I admire her style in clothes, her manners. I like the way she is always being talked about. She doesn’t hide behind her husband’s back and I like that, too. I remember watching a TV report where Victoria was walking across an airport terminal with one kid in her hands and another following her… she managed to look just smashing." Yulia Said.

Some sources said that Yulia and Andrei are called the new Posh and Beck. Maybe London won’t agree with that.

Wow!! I don’t think Victoria would appreciate the complements after all Yulia did criticize her country, this girl really got in trouble although she denied that she ever said those things backing her story up by adding that she knows little English, she would never give an English interview with her lack of the language, but then why did her hubby say that he banned her from saying any comments about England, since no more comments like those have been heard.

But English media were not convinced by that and began taking pictures of her and later named  her as the worst dress WAG, this Russian couple is currently spending some time off the field with heir children at Sunny State Miami, Florida now that Russia didn’t get in the World Cup, you can see a picture of them relaxing at the beach and looking really tan.

Andrei Arshavin’s wife is now 27 years old, she now said that she loves the way Arsenals treats their players’ wives and children, she is the mother of 4 year old Artyom and one year old Yana. Take a look at Yulia Arshavin’s photo and video below.

Arshavin Wife YuliaYulia Arshavin photoYulia Arshavin picYulia Arshavin picture

Yulia Arshavin Video.

Photos: www.wenn.com

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