World Cup Attacks Threats by Al Qaeda (Photos, Video)

May 19, 2010

While all the world is waiting to see their beloved soccer teams take the field in the World Cup in South Africa, Al Qaeda is waiting the same, but to take revenge on teams and fans as they have sent threats to attack. Keep reading to know the rest of this story plus take a look at the photos and video below.

World Cup Attack

Early in April it was the first time we heard that Al Qaeda was planning to attack at the World Cup in South Africa as they sent a statement on

"How amazing could the match United States vs. Britain be when broadcasted live on air at a stadium packed with spectators when the sound of an explosion rumbles through the stands, the whole stadium is turned upside down and the number of dead bodies are in their dozens and hundreds, Allah willing."

As you see their target was England and USA and didn’t just plan to attack the national teams, but also the fans. But as days passed it was revealed other countries that were under their sight, Italy, France and Germany as they said on Mushtaqun Lel Jannah, the jihadist online magazine, that these countries were part of what they called the Zionist-Crusader against them (Islam).

But then more news about the World Cup receiving more attacks threatened by Al Qaeda were heard and two more countries were on their list, it was Holland and Denmark that awakened their rage as they heard what they considered as insults to the prophet Muhammad on both countries’ media.

Abdullah Azam Saleh al-Qahtani a militant member of Al Qaeda was the one who expressed their plans to attack Holland and Denmark’s fans since the team was out of reach. He was arrested on May 3rd.

"We discussed the possibility of taking revenge for the insults of the prophet by attacking Denmark and Holland. The goal was to attack the Danish and the Dutch teams and their fans, if we were not able to reach the teams, then we’d target the fans," Said al-Qahtani

So what was released that made them feel insulted? Apparently in Holland a guy named Geert Wilders has formed a political movement whose idea is anti Islam they even have a party, add to this that Wilders allegedly insulted their Quran.

As for Denmark they have been releasing cartoons that insult the prophet for over four years now and just two years ago Geert released an anti Islam film that Muslims find it so insulting, after these statements Denmark and Holland expressed their fear.

What do you think about these Al Qaeda attack threats? Should these countries be afraid at the World Cup? Take a look at the photos and video below.

World Cup photoWorld Cup photosWorld Cup picture


Photos: / Stephan Treutmann, Kate Davey, Zawadil,

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