Tanith Belbin, Charlie White Dating!! (Photos, Video)

May 19, 2010

Ice Princess has a new ice king by her side, this is the latest news about Tanith Belbin & Charlie White dating! Find out more about this interesting news here plus check out the photos and video below.

Charlie White 1Tanith Belbin 1 2

Tanith Belbin danced along Ben Agosto for quite some time while Charlie White paired with Meryl Davis, both couples have competed against each other on several occasions, but while they skate to beat each other in real life Tanith and Charlie are living one of the best romances in figure skating history.

They have known each other forever after all both shared the same coaches Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband, but they brought the romance off the ice last June, for them being together right now that the season is over is like a dream come true.

"We were apart all year. Now, the best thing is being able to see Charlie every day and wake up next to him in the morning," Said Tanith.

And if you are probably wondering how they would handle things on the ice being a couple and competing against each other, they already have that situation under control, as they are committed to be professionals who don’t mix business with pleasure; which was one aspect their skating partners were worrying about when they heard about them dating.

Tanith used to date Evan Lysacek , they looked good but these two blondies looked spectacular together, have you seen their picture? And they chemistry is awesome.

"We have great chemistry. We like each other a lot, and the competing part hasn’t ever factored into our relationship or how we work with our respective partners."

They are getting ready to get cozy in Mexico as part of their summer vacation, but for the moment they are touring as part of the cast in the Smuckers Stars on Ice skating tour. You better keep your eyes on these ice hotties as things between them have already started to heat up and getting more serious, can we be soon hearing wedding bells…

Take a look at the photos and video below.

Tanith Belbin photoCharlie White photo


Photos: www.wenn.com/Andres Otero
Wikipedia,org/ David W. Carmichael.

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One Response to “Tanith Belbin, Charlie White Dating!! (Photos, Video)”

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    Afi Bebli Says:

    Oooo, not cool. Tanith, I like you very much and I really wish you did not put yourself in this situation…..
    You are already waking up everyday, next to him in the morning? Gee…. this ain’t gonna last….