Debbie Clemens is Roger Clemens’ Wife (Swimsuit Photos)

February 8, 2008

Meet Debbie Clemens, the wife of Roger Clemens. See photos, video and a biography of Debbie here.

Debbie Clemens is in the news as it was reported today that Brian McNamee (Roger’s former trainer) told a congressional committee yesterday that he injected Debbie with HGH in 2002. Her photoshoot with Roger for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue occurred in February 2003. He told the committee that he injected her “as part of her efforts to get in condition for the photoshoot”. McNamee had stated that it was Roger who instructed him to inject Debbie. Holy crap!

Debbie spoke of the Sports Illustrated photoshoot on her website:

“Roger came to me one day and told me that we had been asked to do a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated. I had major anxiety! I was a 39-year-old mother of 4! Once I realized that this WAS going to be a reality, I decided I had to give it everything I had. My mind was set. I am not a risk taker, but have since learned that with great risk, sometimes comes great reward.”

As a biography, Debbie (formerly Debbie Godfrey) married Roger Clemens on November 24, 1984. Together they have four boys – Koby, Kory, Kacy and Kody. Koby was drafted by the Houston Astros as a third baseman when he was 18. He signed with them on July 14, 2005.

Debbie designs high end baseball related items and is involved in charity work in Texas.

See more swimsuit photos of Debbie Clemens below.

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