Elin Nordegren College Bound…Again (Photos, Video)

May 18, 2010

Tiger Woods’ wife Swedish beauty Elin Nordegren college bound? Yes, she has once again showed herself as a much more independent woman this time, Elin has chosen to go back to college, something that she couldn’t do until now. Take a look at the photo and videos below.

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Sources are saying that Elin and Tiger are not talking to each other, but then how come news are saying while Elin Nordegren’s college classes have started, daddy Tiger was the one who stayed babysitting Charlie and Sam, sure she could have left them with the nanny until he came to pick them up, any ways that is not the important news right here, what sure is good to know is how Elin has become more independent each day, that she is even finishing dreams that she left undone when she married Tiger.

You probably know that before Elin met Tiger she dream of becoming a child Psychiatrist that was why she was studying at Lund University in Lund, Sweden. She and her sister would take jobs at clothing stores and supermarket to pay for studies and it was during those jobs she met Mia Parnevik and her golfer hubby Jasper who hired Elin as their nanny and you know that it was how she met Tiger.

Elin comes from a line of professionals and it is normal that she wants to be one like the rest of her family for instance her dad Thomas Nordegren is a bureau chief in Washington, a writer and a radio journalist. Currently he has his own radio show called Nordegren in P1. Her mom Barbro Holmberg got a degree in social work and worked for the Swedish government as Minister for Migration and Asylum Policy and just two years ago she was named governor of Gavleborg County. As for Elin’s twin sister we know that she is also involved in law since she worked at the law firm tha Elin’s divorce Lawyer Walter H. White Jr. works and for her brother Axel that is uncertain, but now she wants to join her family and for Elin Nordegren, college classes have already begun as she started a summer course this Monday at Rollins’ Hamilton Holt School in Winter Park, Florida where she will pursue her dream in psychology. Pictures of her at her first 6:00p.m class were reported by radaronline. Good for you Elin!!

Take a look at Elin Nordegren’s photos and video below.

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Elin Nordegren Video

Photos: www.WENN.com/ Brian McEvoy.

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