Lisa Ellis: Shaquille O’Neil’s Girlfriend (Photos, Video)

May 16, 2010

Shaquille O’Neil is showing off a new lady by his side–a gorgeous gal name Lisa Ellis. Keep reading to know more about her plus don’t miss Lisa Ellis’ Photos and Video below.

Lisa Ellis

After his alleged affair with Vanessa Lopez and his text messages, Shaquille O’Neil has moved on with his romantic life. He wasn’t so happy about his wife dating some new guy and even allegedly sent death threats to Shaunie’s guy. Now Shaq can put all of that aside and enjoy his new relationship with Lisa Ellis.

If Lisa’s name sounds familiar to you it’s mainly because she is a former Sony music executive. She started with Sony sometime around 2000. In 2005 she was a general manager of Sony Urban, that same year she was promoted to President of Sony. She even became Wyclef Jean’s manager. Oohh! So now the name really rang a bell right?

Well Lisa was involved in some seriously nasty, let’s put this way, rumors since she denied it the whole time. When Wyclef’s wife found a naked picture of Lisa on his cell, she went totally ballistic about it and sent Lisa’s naked picture to several people in the music business. She forced Wyclef to fire Lisa, while Lisa said that the picture was a tastefully done piece of art taken on December, 2008 by famous photographer Marc Baptiste. She also said that it was her who resigned from her position as Jean’s manager, but the picture had nothing to do with it. She added that she was not involved in any romantic relationship with her former client. All of these events were uncovered just a few months ago. Before her alleged involvement with Wyclef, Lisa was reported to be romantically involved with congressman Harold Ford.

As part Of Sony, Lisa Ellis helped the careers of Prince, Maxwell, John Legend, Destiny’s Child and later Beyonce, The Fugees which might be how she stayed by Wyclef’s side and even became his business partner when they founded Carnival House Recordings.

Lisa is also a founding partner of Fireman Capital Partners, which is why last March she was honored with the 2009 Phoenix Rising Award. During that ceremony many important personalities where present including our boy Shaquille O’Neil.

Allegedly Shaq set his eyes on Lisa for quite some time, but it was until he separated from his wife that they started dating. Lisa resides in New York where Shaq, now a Cavalier, spends as much time as he can.

We are going to keep our eye on the new couple and especially on Shaquille O’Neil’s girlfriend. In the meantime take a look at Lisa Ellis’ photos and video below.

Lisa Ellis photoLisa Ellis picture

Lisa Ellis Video

Photos: Antonio Salvador.

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