Skinny Health Magazine Cover Model Airbrushed to Make Her Look Fatter (Kamilla Wladyka)

May 16, 2010

Meet Kamilla Wladyka, a super skinny health magazine cover model airbrushed to make her look fatter. Kamilla Wladyka appears is the cover model for the April issue of Healthy Magazine. See her pictures and tell us what you think of this travesty in the comments.

Kamilla Wladyka

She is a Polish model who is reportedly size 0. Holland & Barrett, which owns the magazine, apparently found her too thin for their tastes. She was airbrushed to make her look fatter!

Her modeling agency describes her measurements as 5’10” tall and a size 6 with a 24″ waistline on a figure that is 34-24-35. She has brown hair and brown eyes with long, long hair. Her actual weight is unknown but reports are that they added 15-20 kilograms (about 30 pounds) to her skinny body for the cover photo.

Pictures of Kamilla Wladyka can be found on the internet including this spot.

We have been unable to dig up much else on Kamilla Wladyka’s biography so we welcome more insights from our readers. We do not even know what sports she plays but given her height, volleyball and basketball are good guesses. Tall girls rule!

My view is that changing her appearance is outrageous. If she wants to be skinny, fine. But if you want a more normal looking girl on your magazine, hire one who eats more food. This is a poor reflection on the modeling industry and society from a number of perspectives.

You can enlarge and compare the two pictures below, the first picture from the cover and the other a modeling photo. And of course we want to hear what you have to say about the spectacle of a skinny health magazine cover model airbrushed to make her look fatter, Kamilla Wladyka.

skinny model photoskinny model picture
Kamilla Wladyka Photos

Skinny Model Video
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