Laura Dekker: 14 years Old Sailor Biography (photos, Video)

May 15, 2010

Meet the youngest sailor in the world. She is the 14 year old Sailor from New Zealand, Laura Dekker. But her dream of sailing around the world had many obstacles. Keep reading to learn the rest of her story, plus take a look at Laura Dekker’s photo and video below.

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This young sailor might become the youngest sailor in the world. The only problem is that authorities have banned her from sailing round the world until she is older an gets more experience. Let’s learn more about this young adventurer.

Laura started her life in a boat. Not just because she loves boats, she actually was born in one. Her father Dick Dekker is a Dutch sailor and adventurer. Laura was born during a seven year long trip with Laura’s German mother Babs Mueller.

On September 20, 1995 the Dekkers were at the port of Whangarei in New Zealand when the beautiful Laura was born. She lived on a boat until she was four. Her parents eventually separated and Laura has since been living with her dad. She has a citizenship from New Zealand, Holland and Germany.

At age six she received her first boat given to her by her father. It was a a tiny single handle dinghy, also known as Optimistic, which she learned to sail by herself. Around her tenth birthday she got her real boat, it was a Hurley 800 (2.75 M 8.30 length) that she named “Guppy”. On May, 2009 Laura  embarked on a solo sailing trip, but authorities stopped her and told her father to join her and bring her back. She refused. He said he trusts his daughter’s judgment and sailing abilities.

Last August she announced to the world that she will be sailing solo on Guppy for the next two years from Portugal to Indonesia.

Dick was very enthusiastic about his young daughter’s journey, but it was not the same feeling her Mother had. She said that even though she herself is an avid sailor, she thinks her young daughter is way too young for a solo sailing trip. The court actually banned Laura from sailing until she gets enough to do a solo trip.

Laura wasn’t so happy about it, so in December of 2009, she ran away, living a farewell note to her father. She didn’t take Guppy though, she was found days later on the Caribbean Island of St. Marteen. She was taken back home and interviewed by police who had banned her from solo sailing until she got older.

While at her trial, she was living with a family friend. Her mother wanted her daughter to move in with her, but afterward Laura was granted permission to continue living with her father, who on February bought her a Jeanneau Sun Fizz ketch (11.5 M) who will for sure be a better companion for her future solo trip.

On September when she turns 15, she will be able to sail again. and she will break the world record as she will be the youngest sailor in the World. Take a look at Laura Dekker’s photos and video below.

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