Walter H. White Jr: Elin Nordegren’ Divorce Lawyer

May 15, 2010

Elin’s decision about her divorce has taken her into searching for the right person to be her divorce Lawyer. The man she chose is Walter H. White Jr. Now we wonder about this man that will be handling one of the most famous and controversial celebrity Divorces in the world. Take a look at the rest of this story to learn a little bit more about Elin’s divorce lawyer, and don’t miss the photo and videos below.

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Elin Nordegren has made up her mind about who is going to handle her divorce from her famous golfer husband Tiger Woods. After his multiple affairs and after trying unsuccessfully to rebuilt her marriage, the couple is apparently going to call it quits.

We heard not so long ago that she met up with her divorce lawyer in Arizona after switching from her former lawyer in Florida. Now Elin chose a Lawyer in London.

Walter H. White is part of the prestigious Law Firm McGuireWoods, where Elin’s twin sister Josefin also works. Part of Mr. White’s work consists of security transactions and international business. Also, he has out of this world business transactions from clients and banks in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Walter White collaborated regularly with BBC, has also written books on multinational businesses like Multinational Debt and Equity Offerings: Memorandum on the Laws of the United States.

As for Elin arrangements are still uncertain, so far we know that she wishes to live in Sweden, close to her family who will care for her and her children, love, support and accompany them. And don’t forget by living back in Sweden Elin will hopefully stay far from the paparazzi, at least not as much as she is exposed to daily by the media who are constantly taking pictures of the family, asking her uncomfortable questions, and basically invading her privacy. It might be a little better in her native country, or maybe not what do you think?

Sources like TMZ said that they got in touch with Elin’s divorce attorney, who didn’t deny he was representing Elin nor did he confirmed it either, but they (TMZ) found out. God knows how. After he had spoken to them he wrote to his staff informing them that people already knew they were representing Elin, which might push Elin into changing her attorney, perhaps not, we just have to wait and hope that this doesn’t get uglier especially for Sam and Charlie.

Maybe Walter H. White Jr. might be great attorney who would take care of this divorce, maybe not, but for the moment we can take a look at the photos and video below.

Photos: Brian McEvoy,

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