BP Oil Leak: Tube Solution?

May 14, 2010

We have been hearing about the different attempts to minimize damage since the April 20th BP oil leak. Tubes are now hoped to siphon oil onto an awaiting tanker. Read more about this latest development, including more photos and video.

BP Oil 1

After they weren’t able to stop the leak with any caps or their 40 foot tall container, this small pipe is the next step. Underground robots are working to put this cylinder inside the leaking one and both cap the spill and funnel the toxic fluid into a ship on the surface. They hope to have it in place today.

It is imperative that the company figures out a way to contain the BP oil leak. Tubes, caps, or any other type of container needs to stop what some are saying is more than 210,000 gallons being released daily.
They feel this is their best option yet, as spokesperson Bryan Ferguson says, “it’s just a plumbing connection — there are fewer moving parts.”

The idea was brought to the news Wednesday, when the executives were deciding between this innovative idea or the “top-hat” dome. Thursday it was settled, and work has begun for this procedure. Many are crossing their fingers hoping the gush of liquid will finally be handled. It is estimated that it will solve 85% of the problem.

As some speculate that the actual amount of spillage that has been mixed with the waters of the Gulf of Mexico is actually unknown, anything that can help contain it is a very welcome gesture. After seeing the videos that surfaced Wednesday, it sure is a lot, but many experts say it has been hard to gauge. The rate of flow is simply a guesstimate, and with other liquids being mixed in with the crude fluid, it is almost impossible to tell.

I just know it is time to stop calculating and estimating and just work as hard as possible to figure out the solution. Not only is the environment surround the exploded rig suffering, tourism and areas surrounding the body of water are in peril. Hopefully this will work and restoration can start.

Tell me your thoughts on the BP oil leak and tubes as the current solution. Also see these photos and video below.

BP Oil 2BP Oil 3BP Oil 4BP Oil 5BP Oil 6BP Oil 7

Photos: www.wenn.com/U.S. Coast Guard/News Pictures

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