Tiger: The Real Story is Tiger Woods Biography Book

May 13, 2010

Check out the story behind Tiger Woods’ new biographical book entitled Tiger: The Real Story, by Steve Helling, where details about him and Elin Nordegren are given from a different point of view. Don’t miss the photos and video below.

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Tiger might be resting from golf for now after he withdrew from the The Players Championships due to a swollen neck injury that he insisted on saying is definitely not related to his November’s car crash. And it’s not because he banged his head too hard at Nickelback’s concert either, so we are not going to argue with that. But now because he is resting it means that people are resting from him apparently. Well, maybe except for his swing coach of six years  Hank Haney who quit recently. Aside from him it looks like people are so into Tiger Woods, his affairs, career and stunning wife Elin Nordegren. This is the case of People Magazine Staff writer Steve Helling.

Steve is a husband and father of two who also is a well known and friendly writer / entertainer who has gotten the opportunity to interview great personalities like Jane Fonda, John Travolta, and JLo. He has covered the Haiti Earthquake disaster and even the 9/11 tragedy. As a writer for People Magazine he has also collaborated with the New York Post, TV Guide and Readers Digest, plus he also has made appearances in television shows like Anderson Cooper 360, The Today Show and others.

So what brought him to write a Biography about Tiger Woods? Sure the the topic is still viral and draws so much attention, but Steve has promised that this book gives readers a different perspective from everything we have heard about the famous golfer.

“Before the scandal, the world knew very little about Tiger Woods. After the scandal, they knew him even less. Since 2002, I have covered Tiger Woods for People magazine, often catching revealing glimpses of golf’s most private superstar. For my book, Tiger: The Real Story, I interviewed intimate sources, many speaking out for the first time, to create a never-before-seen portrait of the golfer. The result is an unflinching character study: not the media-maintained facade, but Tiger as he really is.” Steve said about his book.

In Tiger the Real Story’s 272 pages you would find how it all really started between Tiger and Elin, you all know that Jesper Parnevik, fellow golfer of Tiger and fellow a Swede of Elin’s was the one who introduce the. But it seemed that Elin didn’t find Tiger attractive at all, she even had a boyfriend, it took him a lot of work to convince her to go out with him, and a the challenge grew bigger the bigger.

She finally agreed to go out with him, and on their second date, she realized that maybe she could fall for a guy like Tiger. But for Tiger woods getting an unbelievably sexy girl to married him and with a millionaire pre-nup agreement didn’t satisfy his sexual appetite, that became worse after his father’s death.

The book includes interviews, details and also describes a way of life that Tiger created that seemed impenetrable by everybody, even after his affair scandal was discovered–he still seems a mystery. So maybe Tiger: The real Story would help us discover his mystery. The book was released on May 4th. Are you ready to buy it? What do you think about this biography book?

Take a look at the photos and video below.

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Photos: www.WENN.com/ Daniel Deme.

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    Theron Bokor Says:

    I am surprised Elin talked to People . My opinion of her just changed, dramatically, for the worse.