Heather Frederiksen: Paralytic Swimmer Biography (photos, Video).

May 12, 2010

When you are committed to accomplish something there are no barriers. This is the case of the 24-year-old paralytic swimmer, Heather Frederiksen. Would you like to know her story? Why was she stripped from her medals just recently? Keep reading to learn more about this news, plus check out Heather Frederiksen’s photos and video below.

Heather Frederiksen

Heather Frederiksen was born in Billinge, England on December 30, 1985. Heather is 24 years old. She began her swimming competition professionally in 2003, the next year she won the British Grand Prix and the British Open water Championship and she was ready for her upcoming competition the next year, but things took an unbelievable twist that changed her life forever.

Just months before the end of 2004, she was involved in a terrible accident that left her with limited mobility in her right leg and arm. Doctors told he she would never swim again, she was totally devastated by this news.

When she tried to swim again using just her left limbs, she found herself swimming in circles, but she never gave up. Although it required a great deal of effort for her  and a physical strength, she learned how to do it right.

The world wasn’t ready for her, even she wasn’t ready to receive all the medals she won at the 2008 Summer Paralympics Games in Beijing, China.

Her first gold medal at the 100m backstroke S8, two silver medals at 100m freestyle S8 and 400m freestyle S8 and bronze at 200M. England had her pictures on the front page at the local papers.

This year she competed at Reykjavik, Iceland at the 2009 IPC European Championships, where she won one bronze medal, a silver and four gold medals. Sadly she tested positive in high levels on Salbutamol, she was granted permission to use it, but her blood stream levels were way to high to be justified. For that reason she was stripped from her medals, at least some of them.

Because the British Olympic Association has banned any rule upon her or any other athlete, she will be ready to compete at London 2012.

So bad that this happened to this British paralytic Swimmer, putting aside her positive testing, I think she is an inspiration to many people. Let’s hope that everything works fine for her in the future. Take a look at Heather Frederiksen’s photo and video below.

Heather Frederiksen photo

Heather Frederiksen Video.

Photos: www.WENN.com.

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