Annie Brophy: Notre Dame Golfer Biography (Photos, Video).

May 10, 2010

Notre Dame’s beautiful and talented golfer Annie Brophy has become very famous and well known, sadly like in all other sports, not everything is always happiness and victories. There are times that things seemed go in the opposite direction. What happened to her? We can tell you many interesting things about this outstanding golfer plus don’t forget to see some of Annie Brophy’s photos and videos below.

Annie Brophy

Annie Brophy from Notre Dame University was born in Spokane, Washington on September 20, 1987, so Annie is 22 years old. Her big sister Katie is also a major golfer, both daughters of Nancy and Michael Brophy who also graduated from Notre Dame.

Annie’s great golfing skills started when she was a young girl. Her talent was lead to a four letter in golf at Gonzaga Preparatory School. After graduating from Gonzaga she decided to follow her father’s footsteps and got herself accepted into Notre Dame.

During her freshman year, she competed in 10 tournaments. She finished with a score of 77.04 and 3rd place at the Big East championships. As a sophomore at Notre Dame, and on her 11 tournaments, she earned a score of 77.03 and 1st at the Big East Championships and 64th at the NCAA Central. By then she was a very well recognized golfer, pictures of her were all over campus.

Last year and as a junior she competed at 11 tournaments with a score of 76.91 and fourth a the Lady Northern Invitational. Her overall average is 76.95 so far she in ranking third was named Big East Golfer of the week a few days ago and the victories just keep coming, but then what event happened on May that got her under the loop and not in a good way?

On Saturday May 8th at Columbus, Ohio when she lied about her score by saying that she threw a 30 on the front nine it got the NCAA a bit suspicious. They decided to check it out for themselves, just to find out that Annie lied about her score; this awful fault got her disqualified from the tournament.

She apologized afterwards, but the damage was already done. This totally overshadows her upcoming graduation from Notre Dame in a few weeks. She is getting her degree in Sociology and marketing, and who knows how much time this Notre Dame Golfer will have to pay for her terrible mistake. Take a look at Annie Brophy’s photo and video below.

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