Pam Anderson Bronzed Pair For Sale!

May 10, 2010

Marc Quinn, the controversial artist, debuted a new show that features Pam Anderson bronzed statues. There are twins of the surgically enhanced Baywatch babe in a thong and high heels showing off her stuff! Read more below including more photos and a video.

Pam Anderson  6

The London show features people who have undergone surgery to make their bodies into what they feel on the inside. Others in the show include Michael Jackson and “The Pregnant Man.” And almost all of the featured pieces were taken from live models!

One of those that sat for Quinn was Pam Anderson. Bronzed doubles of the big chested lady was his artistic view for her sculpture. And he found her personality during the visit to be very enlightening.

“I found her very intelligent,” Quinn says. “She knows who she is. She knows she’s famous for having transformed herself. But I’m not saying she’s a freak by putting her in this show, and she understands that. She’s someone who has transformed herself within the parameters of normal society.”

That’s nice to hear as most people don’t necessarily see this side of the recently ousted dancer from DWTS. Quinn’s focus is really more on the journey these people have undergone.

“What these people do is not a trivial thing. They want to completely transform their outsides to conform with their perceptions of how they should look. That’s a religious journey. It’s also an artistic gesture — they are using their bodies as a medium. I find that very interesting.”

I think it is an interesting concept for a gallery, and if you think so and are in London you can check it out. Let me know what you think of Pam Anderson bronzed bodies alongside these other works of art. Also check out these photos and watch the one Baywatch gal that can really move in this video!

Pam Anderson  1 Pam Anderson  2 Pam Anderson  3 Pam Anderson  4 Pam Anderson  5 Pam Anderson  7

Photos: Dillon, Robert Wallace

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