Bristol Palin Goes Clubbing!

May 9, 2010

After attending daytime events in New York City for the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Bristol Palin goes clubbing! The underage daughter of the former vice presidential candidate, somehow got into 1Oak club, but didn’t feel comfortable! Read more about this story below, including more photos and a video.

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This young woman, who has been trying to turn her life around and make a positive impact on girls, is proving it takes time. I mean she is only 19 years old, and though she is already a mother, she has some growing up to do of her own.

We have all heard about the Candies ad and the recent events she has become a huge advocate for. But after a long day of promoting abstinence, Bristol Palin goes clubbing until late.

“Bristol was there around 1 a.m. with friends,” a partygoer says. “She was trying to have fun, but she looked like she was terrified that people would recognize her and start gawking. It seems like she couldn’t even relax.”

Apparently her focus was on being discreet, even though some sources that saw her said she didn’t drink at all. The club maintains that they carded everyone, so they didn’t or she had a good fake id. Either way, she knew she was too young and I don’t think it was a smart decision by the girl who is trying to be a role model.

We can’t deny though, that she has definitely been heading towards the right direction. She has taken responsibility for her actions, she works hard to take care of her son, and is trying to help other females make better choices. If she could, she would definitely go back and take more time to think, and as we see in her ad she wants others to do the same.

“Think long-term,” she says as her advice to girls out there. Do you think this was on the mind of Bristol Palin? Goes clubbing underage, after trying to instill morals into women? Let me know your thoughts below, and check out more photos and her anti-pregnancy video.

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Photos: Nikolov, Patricia Schlein

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