Bethany Dempsey: Clint Dempsey’s Wife Biography (Photos, Video)

May 8, 2010

The Beautiful Lady that we are about to meet is called Bethany Dempsey and she happens to be the stunning wife of Clint Dempsey. Keep reading to learn more about this amazing lady plus check out Bethany Dempsey’s photo and videos below.

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26 years old Bethany Jean Keegan met Clinton Drew Dempsey aka Clint Dempsey who plays in the USA National Team and is the winger for the English team Fulman. When both where studying at Furman University in Greenville, South Carolina, Bethany got her Masters degree from Appalachian State University in her native Boone, North Carolina. Although Bethany was dating someone else while they were at Furman, they became good friends, it wasn’t until he was in Boston that they found each other. This time they were both single and the romance was on fire. Just one year after dating he proposed.

Her father Patrick Keegan was so happy to walk down the aisle with his daughter on July 28, 2007 at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.

After they got married Bethany joined her famous husband in England, where she did an internship in Educational psychology and basically lived a quiet, relaxing life. They would go to the movies, visit friends or just lay back in each others arms. Just last January, Bethany became the proud mama of the lovely Elysia Dempsey.

Besides being a wife, mother and a educational psychologist, Bethany is giving a try for the first time to modeling. For her debut she chose Sports Illustrated, but she is not just wearing a regular swimsuit, for her photo shoot she was featured on some really hot pictures wearing body paint by Joanne Gair and photographed in New York by Taiwan/American photographer Yu Tsai alongside other Soccer wives and girlfriends like Abbey Clancy, (England, Peter Crouch) Sarah Brander (Germany, Bastian Schweinsteiger) and Melissa Satta (Italy, Christian Vieri).

Bethany gave an interview regarding her sexy pictures for Sports Illustrated and said that the painting took over 15 Hours and when she was asked if she felt naked she said that although she was aware that she really was in the Eva suit, when she looked herself in the mirror and saw the beautiful and diminutive swimsuit that yet had some many details it really made her believe that she wasn’t naked. When she was asked if it was hard to take that paint of her body, she said that it was really hard indeed and required a lot of scrubbing.

Now you know a little bit more about Clint Dempsey’s beautiful wife, it really was a pleasure to find out more about this fine lady, check out some of Bethany Dempsey’s photos and her video below.

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Bethany Dempsey Pictures.

Bethany Dempsey Video.

Photos: Judy Eddy, Chris Connor.

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