Lynette Taylor: Lawrence Taylor’s Wife (Photos, Video)

May 6, 2010

Do you know who is Lynette Taylor? She is Lawrence Taylor’s Wife, who recently was charge with third degree rape, but she is standing up for her man, Keep reading to know more about this story plus check out some of Lynette Taylor’s photos and videos below.

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor is the 51 Hall of fame Line backer for the New York Jets, that you probably know right? He has been married several times, I wouldn’t call him the Elizabeth Taylor in sports after all he has just have been married three times; his first wife Deborah Belinda Taylor (1981-1996)Mother of his first three kids and second wife Maritza(2001-2005)

Now he has once again remarried to the beautiful Lynette  Taylor together they adopted their four year old son Malcolm last year.

Lynette has always stood up for her husband. On November 8, 2009 he was taken arrested for leaving the scene of his car accident on the Palmetto Expressway on the 103rd street exit, when all fingers pointed at Lawrence it was Lynette to talk to the media and defended him.

"What happened was Lawrence was driving from the airport and a car swerved into him. He swerved to avoid hitting that car and he struck the van. He thought he needed to get off the highway to a safer location in a lit area; he thought he was doing the right thing. He’s fine, thank God and there was nothing serious."
"Lawrence was also concerned that someone might have been targeting him because he’s a famous person and a former football player. He wanted to get to an area that was safe and never meant for any problems to happen." Lynette Taylor said.

She has been his support and biggest fan even though he retired many years ago, she cheered for him on his new sober life and also when he was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Once again on this difficult time Lynette is by her man, she doesn’t think not even for a second that the accusations that have been made, raping and beating a 15 or 16 year old girl, are true.

Although at first when the Wall Street Journal contacted her on her cellphone, she didn’t want to made any comments about her hubby accusations or reveal if she had been talking to him.

“I’m watching the news just like you. That’s it. I’m watching the news just like you.” Lynette said. And when she was asked if she talked to Lawrence she added “I’m watching the news just like you. Have a good day.”

But then Lynette talked about this whole mess, and she said that she was positively sure that this whole rape this was a “Set Up” although she didn’t say who she thought was behind this, she did said that the time of the her husband’s arrest came at the same same Lawrence was featured in an A&E documentary that made him look like a monster. To her all these accusations, and quoting her exact words are, “All Bullsh…..t”.

So there you have this is Lawrence Taylor beautiful, supportive and tough wife. Check out Lynette Taylor’s photo and video below.

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Photos: Michell Zachs.

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