Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce Update (Photos, Video)

May 5, 2010

After hearing a lot of news regarding Tiger Woods divorce to Elin Nordegren, we Wonder if that it is truly going to happen. Keep reading to learn all of the recent updates about this story, plus take a look at the photos and videos below.

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Just like Tiger has been living in hell since last year due to his own irresponsible acts, wife Elin has been living a much worse kind of hell, her life has been in the public eye, her pain the main topic in everyone’s conversations and all her efforts to keep her kids safe from the crazy paparazzi have been in vain as she, Sam and Charlie have been followed, photograph an question about their lives.

Elin tried to give her marriage a second chance, but Tiger’s behavior towards his bigger desire to get back to golf  gave her the idea that it was his main goal and biggest concern, instead of his family. Add to that that alleged neighbor mistress that came out that certainly spilled the last drop in Elin’s glass of water, she was serious about finishing her marriage and going on with her life.

It was reported that she made a visit to her divorce lawyer, and then took a vacation to Sweden with her kids. Meanwhile in the U.S her husband Tiger was spotted at Nickelback’s concert,  practicing golf and lately also took a visit to a divorce lawyer’s office. So is he giving up on his marriage?

Sources said that the divorce is 100% happening, what will really happen? There was a photo of Elin leaving her family’s house in Sweden. Now we know that she is back in the U.S but didn’t show any interest in giving Tiger a call or much less to see him. So we wonder if we are going to hear the final divorce news pretty soon? I guess that we just have to wait. Sources said that their divorce settlement can reach sky high sums of money, but tell me what do you think about their divorce? Do you think that she should move to Sweden? Share custody of Sam and Charlie? Or will it be too late for couple therapy? I would love to hear your opinion and suggestions.

Take a look at this photos and video below.

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Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce News Video.

Photos: www.WENN.com/ Carrie Devorah, Daniel Deme, Brian McEvoy.

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