Corey Haim Pneumonia Shocker!

May 5, 2010

Breaking News! We now know the official cause of death for Carey Haim: Pneumonia, not drugs! After the official autopsy, traces of drugs were found but it was a death caused by natural complications. Read more details below, including more photos and a video.

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His mom said all along that he didn’t overdose, but many people disregarded that opinion as one of a protective mom. And we are all familiar with his lifelong battle with substance abuse. But now Ms. Haim gets to say, “I told you so!”

The Los Angeles County coroner released the results of the autopsy report Tuesday. And though prescription drugs were found at the scene and in his body, spokesman Craig Harvey said, “But nothing was at a level that would have contributed to his death.” They did find traces of eight different kinds of drugs, including marijuana and several prescriptions.

So apparently the story about him obtaining 553 pills prior to his death, true or not, did not kill Corey Haim. Pneumonia, along with respiratory and heart problems are ultimately what led this ‘Lost Boys’ star to his final resting place. His mom said told authorities that he had been sick in bed all day with a cough.

It appears that he had some organ issues as well, including his heart which was quite enlarged. “His heart was 530 grams. The average normal heart weighs 300 grams,” Harvey said. He also had and large liver, damaged lungs and blocked coronary arteries, some 50-75 percent blocked.

Who knows how much of his issues are due to his unhealthy lifestyle, however it does look like in this specific incident drug weren’t the culprit. What do you think of Corey Haim’s pneumonia cause of death? Let me know below, and check out more photos and a video below.

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Photos: Vissions, Judy Eddy, FayesVision

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