Angela Dianne Bryant: Dez Bryant’s Mother (Biography)

May 4, 2010

Meet Angela Dianne Bryant, she is Dallas Cowboys player Dez Bryant’s mother. His reputation was been questioned by Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland. Keep reading to learn more about her and don’t miss Angela Bryant’s photos and videos below.

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Angela Bryant was just fifteen years old and a freshman in high school in Texas when she gave birth to her son Dez 21 years ago in Lufkin, Texas. By the time she was eighteen years old she was a teenage mother of three who used drugs like marijuana and cocaine.

She raised him and watched him grow up into the great man and athlete he is today. He loves Angela no matter what and when Miami Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland asked if his mother if she was a prostitute he got really angry.

"Yes, I am upset about it," Angela Bryant said. "I am not pleased with it. I’ve heard how the question was supposed to have come about—that Dez supposedly said his father was a pimp—but I don’t believe that. I think the Dolphins have put that out there as their excuse. And I know if they keep after it like that, they all sound like a broken record. He was caught off guard by it. To ask that of any kid, that hurts."When they couldn’t find enough dirt on him, they went to that, It was almost like a scheme. They should never have put that kind of thing or question on him. Whatever reason they chose to do that, they are talking about my charges of 12 years ago and running with it. I’m not OK with it. But we are both going to be OK." Angela said.

But what in the world brought that kind of question to Ireland? Some media outlets reported that Ireland asked him that question after Bryant said that his father was a pimp and that Angela worked for him. The statement that was denied by him, but other news came out later that Angela was a lesbian.

Mr. Ireland apologized to Angela’s Son for his poor judgment, but he still hasn’t apologized to her, which is exactly what she is at least expecting from him.

"No, he has not called. I think he should have. Why wouldn’t you do that?” Angela Added.

In fact Angela doesn’t have a remarkable criminal record, which includes some encounters with the law like two arrests but nothing related to prostitution. Back in 1997 she was arrested for selling drugs (cocaine, crack) she was sentenced to 4 years in jail, but instead she served 18 months after she pleaded guilty. On May, 2008 she gave a false information about herself to the police, for this she was she paid a total of $472 for courts fees and her fine. Her other arrest was last year when she was was found with possession and sale of cocaine she was sentence to 10 years probation.

Dez Bryant’s mother is waiting for her apology, we will be watching for that news and meanwhile take a look at Angela Dianne Bryant’s photos and video below.

Angela Bryant Video

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