Opryland Hotel: Flooding Evacuation & Destruction

May 4, 2010

With all the rain lately in Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee, many people were forced to retreat from their homes and businesses. Many historic landmarks were threatened, and the waters did enter the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Flooding causes the resort to be evacuated and it will no doubt need major repairs. See more below, including more pre-disaster photos and a video.

Opryland Hotel 1

In downtown Nashville, the previous record rainfall was 6.68 inches, which fell during Hurricane Frederic back in ’79. With just over 13 inches, the record was more than doubled, and the city is feeling the effects. All of the 1,500 guests and celebrities were evacuated to a nearby high school Monday, but there was no stopping the rising waters from the Cumberland River.

The city’s most lavish resort was opened in 1977, and is known for its great entertainment and the unique style in which it was built. The courtyards are extravagant and full of fresh tropical plants and beautiful furniture. At least that is what it looked like before the Opryland Hotel flooding. Now the “after” pictures show a sad scene.

The bottom level is now in about 6-10 feet (depending on the report) of standing water. Though experts say the rain and river water should recede starting today, some say it will definitely take a few days for it to all filter through.

With the amount of water that rose quickly, many people were left stranded, and though authorities tried to help as much as they could, approximately 22 people have died. They also fear as the flood goes away, that they toll may increase.

Thankfully for those involved in the Opryland Hotel flooding, no one was killed, and they are just left with the task of rebuilding. Tell me what you think of this tragic event, see some pictures and make sure to watch the video with views inside the resort.

Opryland Hotel 2Opryland Hotel 3Opryland Hotel 4Opryland Hotel 1 1

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Bobak Ha’Eri

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