Depp: Mugger Attack!

May 3, 2010

“Pirates of the Caribbean’ star has turned to fighting miscreants in real life streets as well. When leaving the recording studio there was a surprise for Stephen Jones and Johnny Depp. A Mugger with a broken bottle attacked! Read more about this incident below, including more photos and a video.

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The actor has apparently been trying to pursue his rocker career with Stephen, and this event may have brought them closer. According to one report, the Babybird singer was approached by the man and real life hero actor stepped in the way and made him go away!

A source told the Sun about the event involving Jones, Depp, & mugger:

“It was an extremely scary moment. This guy looked off his head. Johnny looked him straight in the eyes and told him to back off. The guy was OK. He looked at Johnny and said, ‘I ain’t stealing from Captain Jack’ and put the bottle down. Johnny gave him a few bucks and told him to straighten up his life.”

We shouldn’t really be shocked by his bravery though. Other than keeping busy with films, the Captain Jack actor has been exploring new avenues and trying to get in touch with his inner hero. He recently appeared on ’48 Hours Mystery’ in support of releasing “West Memphis Three.” He summed up that situation saying, “It was a need for swift justice to placate the community.”

And the man he ended up “saving” is someone the actor has been working with to get him into the world of music. The musical hopeful did a guitar feature in Babybird’s song “Unloveable.” He reportedly also directed the music video for that. They may also do some shows in the UK together, but we’ll see.

Well it seems that for Jones, it is a good thing he decided to become at least acquaintances with Johnny Depp. Muggers better beware of him, as he confidently handled the situation! Tell me what you think of the actor’s actions, and see the pictures and video the band’s song.

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Photos: 47, News Pictures

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