Andrea Rajacic: Thierry Henry’s Girlfriend (Biography)

May 2, 2010

Have you met French striker Thierry Henry’s girlfriend? Her name is Andrea Rajacic, and we can tell you some interesting things about her. Keep reading and check out Andrea Rajacic’s photos and video below.

Thierry Henry

After his divorce from Nicole Merry with whom he had a 6 year old daughter Tea in 2007, he kept his personal life quite private, but then we found out he was dating a young Bosnian girl, so we dig until we got a small biography on her, so here it goes.

Andrea Rajacic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is the 24 year old daughter of Dr. Nebojša Rajačić, who you might probably heard is a well known plastic surgeon.

Andrea is also a model and also used to work at Milk Studios in New York where she used to live, apparently she now lives with her famous boyfriend and also takes some of her time to visit her natal hometown in Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Andrea and Thierry met when she flew to Spain to visit her big sister, we are not really sure how exactly they met, but in 2008 it was when they first were spotted together. Their next romantic get away was during a Christmas holiday in 2008 to the Maldives and later there were pictures of the lovely couple at an F1 race. At first people didn’t really know who she really was, when a photo of her surfaced on the web they just referred to her as the beautiful brunette model that Thierry was madly in love with.

"I am in love. Love is necessary and important." Henry Said.

While some people said that they still prefer Henry’s ex over Andrea, there are also other’s opinion who think that she is the responsible for Henry’s improvement on his play, it took some time for him to recover from his divorce, but today he looks happy and for that Andrea takes most of the responsibility.

The couple are reportedly engaged and plan to get married in June 2010, so now you know a bit of Thierry Henry’s beautiful girlfriend, who I assume will be cheering for her man.Take a look at Andrea Rajacic’s video below.

Soccer Players’ Sexy Girlfriends

Photos:, Joe Maher

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2 Responses to “Andrea Rajacic: Thierry Henry’s Girlfriend (Biography)”

  1. 1
    ishmael janneh Says:

    i am please to know that my only fan in the has found a new love.that fine.forget about the past.titi keep it up.
    this is ismael janneh from ginea west africa

  2. 2
    Amara Rogers Says:

    I am more than happy to learn that my idol Titi has got reason to be happy again with a beautiful girl friend. I like him more than I can say… he made me love Arsenal!!!!hope to have you angain at Arsenal as a manager like Arsene Wenger! One love Henry.