Choi Hyun Mi: Korean Female Boxer (Biography)

May 1, 2010

Meet Choi Hyun Mi, she is a Korean boxer who recently won a fight and retained her Featherweight title. Keep reading to know more from her and take a look at Choi Hyun Mi’s photos and video below.

Female Boxer

Choi Hyun Mi defeated Claudia Andrea (8th in the rankings) from Argentina and maintained her Featherweight title after the tenth round to judge’s decision.

Choi Hyun Mi Biography

  • Choi Hyun Mi was born in Pyongyang, North Korea on November 7, 1990 making her age 19 years old.
  • Her father Choi Chul-soo was a business man in North Korea, she and her brother were raised by their parents in North Korea.
  • She was discovered at 13, when Kim Chui joo recruited her at the Educational University in Pyongyan’s boxing team.
  • When North Korea’s peace broke down her father escaped and moved first to China and Cambodia where Chi, her mother and brother joined him. Finally after months of hiding South Korea gave them asylum.
  • Her dad couldn’t find a job for a long time they merely survived through refugees’ aid and government subsidies, so she committed to help her family with her boxing, but getting money wasn’t easy.

“My parents gave up everything in North Korea to give their children a better life in the South. Boxing is my way to prove that my parents made the right decision.” Choi said.

  • In 2006 she fought a total of 17 fights, she won 16 of them.
  • The next year she became a professional female boxer.
  • One of her most difficult and inspiring fight in her career was on October 2008, vs. the Chinese champion Xu Chun Yan, this fight earned her the Featherweight title.
  • In 2008 Yoon Seung Ho, a sports teacher, heard about her story and became her promoter which became official by the Boxing Korean Federation in August.
  • She graduated in 2008 from Yeomgwang High School in Seoul.
  • Her coach is Kim Han Sang (Former marine and boxer).
  • She was denied to fight representing South Korea at the 2008 Olympics.
  • She is recognized on her fight bills as “Defector Girl Boxer” and her photo is in every boxing gym.
  • Although her story will be great in film, MBC will air a show about her training and struggle in boxing in June.
  • Her promoter and dear friend Yoon Seung Ho helped her on the MBC Show, got her into college, she is very excited about it.

This Korean Female Boxer, also known as the Korean million dollar baby, hopes to be a great boxer like Laila Ali, and we think she has a long way to go, but her chances are really great, her story in unbelievable. Who knows maybe some day we will see it in a film. We wish you the best of Luck!!

Take a look at Choi Hyun Mi’s video below.

Female Boxer photo

Choi Hyun Mi Video

Mary Ann Owen.

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