Caroline Celico: Kaká’s Wife photos (Biography)

May 1, 2010

Meet the beautiful Brazilian beauty Caroline Celico, she is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite aka Kaka’s wife. Keep reading to know more about her and don’t miss Caroline Celico’s photos and video below.

Caroline Celico

Many people know that Caroline’s famous husband is one of the best soccer players in the world, former AC Milan midfielder now with Real Madrid and part of the Brazil National Team, more people are getting to know him by his personal life as well and that brings us to his gorgeous wife, Caroline Celico. She was born in Brazil on July 26, 1987, so her age will be 22 years old.

Her parents are Celso Celico and Rosangela Lyra Celico, they are important and well known in Sao Paulo. Celso is a major business guy in fact he is Christian Dior’s representative in the country of samba and her mother is a famous socialite that helps and does so much for her church and charities.

Caroline has one sibling, her brother Enrico who like her is very good looking, she studied at St Paul’s School, she used to be a model who also speaks French, English, Spanish, Italian and certainly Portuguese.

She met Kaka at high school, in 2002 to be exact they became really good friends and started dating right away, they also happen to be Christians in the same church, Rebirth in Christ Church, where they also got married on December 23, 2005.

When her hubby was playing with A.C Milan she stayed in Brazil, studying before they got married, but after that she joined him in Italy where they announced Caroline was expecting their first child.

Luca Celico Leite was born in Sao Paulo on June 18, 2008, weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces. After Kaka signed with Real Madrid, Caroline and Luca moved to Madrid, where she founded a Christian Church.

Caroline firmly believes that God has a special plan for them to be in Spain as she explained in an interview some time ago.

“God put the money in the hands of Real Madrid to bring Kaka to Madrid, God want us here and it is a blessing, so meanwhile daddy scores in the field we are going to smash the devil’s head”. Caroline said.

Facts about Caroline

  • Her favorite fruit are strawberries.
  • Her favorites animals are dogs.
  • She is 1.67m.
  • Most people describe her as shy.
  • People search for a photo of her showing some skin, but it is something that she simply won’t do.
  • She loves to cook.
  • Loves old movies and listening to music from Brazil, South America and from the U.S.
  • Sometimes she sings with her church’s choir.

Kaka’s wife is a beautiful, young Brazilian wife, mother and Christian with a great sense of style and gives God’s loves to everybody who meets her. Take a look at Caroline Celico’s photos and video below.

Caroline Celico Video.

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  1. 1
    MICHAEL Says:



  2. 2
    Liina Says:

    i think caroline is an excelent woman who always makes kaka happy!
    i wanna be likeher ;)

  3. 3
    doesnotmatter Says:

    “God put the money in the hands of Real Madrid to bring Kaka to Madrid, God want us here and it is a blessing, so meanwhile daddy scores in the field we are going to smash the devil’s head”. Caroline said.

    What the heck is she talking about? She sounds a little stupid to me and needs more education. ” God put the money in the hands of Real Madrid?”
    What is she talking about? Get a clue babe, god does not put money in the hands of nobody. Its earned or stolen. Thats one stupid girl.

  4. 4
    JOJO Says:

    You could not have said it any better… She sounds a little ignorant of the world.

  5. 5
    mohan Says:

    she looks really good and i lyk her for not showing her skin in even a single photo……..
    i’m a big fan of kaka n he z one of d best player for brazilians……….

  6. 6
    moneeka Says:

    kaka wife is simply superb.i juz adore his wife……i simply love kakas family

  7. 7
    lena Says:

    she might be nice and beautiful but for me any one cant reach posh or cheryl cole or sylvie van der vaart they have dignity and they are strong and famous women they do not need to be beautiful or to have famous husband they are famous. wags like caroline or others are just jelous about this kind of football womens becaus they are strong and powerful and have a world wide fame and by the way caroline make up sucks she look like a monster with alot of make up and i hate irina shayk her lifs are lik a dog bite them ppp

  8. 8
    clarinna Says:

    caroline you are an amazing role model to a lot of young women out there. you show that first and foremost you are a woman of integrity who lives by a different set of rules. you will not sacrife your relationship with your God just to make yourself popular and loved by people. you are a person who is willing to stay in the background supporting her husband wherever he goes, tireless self-sacrifice. you show me what true love is, unfortunately something a lot of people seem to believe no longer exists. i wish people would stop judging you and just accept the fact that you are not like cherly cole and the lot. you are a true minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. you show wat the love of neighbout really is like. thank you for being such an awesome role model. yours in Christ.

  9. 9
    lena Says:

    hahhahaahhaaaaaa she is the buttler of her husband if you say like this but anyway she is not like she looks like i thought lik that when i saw her phot but when i met her (my older brother is bff with her brother) she could not speak 2 intelligent word

  10. 10
    Veronica Says:

    The birth of Luca is false: he was born the 10th of June 2008

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