Royal Wedding Called Off: Student to Blame?

May 1, 2010

The Swedish ruling family has been all over the news in the last few weeks as speculations of Princess Madeleine’s relationship status was questioned. Now after a court statement we know that the royal wedding’s called off! Read more about this below, including a video.

Princess Madeleine

The princess and her fiancé Jonas Bergstrom have been dating for over 8 years and he proposed last June. However their partnership has intrigued people for quite some time, as their last public appearance was back in December. Now we hear that her former husband to be cheated and so she ran off to New York!

The family wants to give the two (or at least Madeleine) some “peace and quiet” but they did release a statement about the royal wedding: called off!

“After having thought it through thoroughly, the Princess Madeleine and Mr. Jonas Bergstrom have made the decision to go their separate ways.”

According to the alleged story, during a ski trip Bergstrom went home with a 21 year old college student and the two allegedly got intimate. The “mistress” claimed to have not known about his fiancé or his regal ties until she tried to call him.

“Had I known he had a girlfriend, I never would have done anything,” Tora Uppstrom Berg said.

Now the princess is keeping a very low profile in New York, one of her favorite places to go. I am sure everyone is hoping all of this will calm down soon, as her older sister Crowned Princess Victoria has her own nuptials coming up in June. Originally the Queen had announced a postponed date for Madeleine, but now it looks like it’s off for good!

The poor girl seems to be heartbroken and hiding. What do you think of her ex’s actions that halted the royal wedding? Called off for cheating! Let me know in the comment section, and check out the video as well. Nyman

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