Bombs Near Clooney’s Italy Home

April 30, 2010

Local fishermen have found a small arsenal of live World War II bombs near Clooney’s house in Italy. The munitions had been resting at the bottom of the lake in the back yard of the star’s house, and apparently included grenades, mortars, and aerial explosives. Check out the full story, with pictures and video below!

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Military munitions experts have cordoned off the entire lake and while they move all five-hundred pounds of munitions to a cave for detonation. They say the explosives are highly unstable due to their age. Local residents are being warned to stay inside their houses and away from windows.

The bombs near Clooney’s home are no threat to the actor though, he’s in Hawaii at the moment filming ‘The Descendants.’ “This is not the first bombs I’ve experienced” he said through his rep.

Quite a tough-guy statement, despite the fact that recent reports revealed that he carries around a security blanket wherever he goes. I wonder if it’s bomb proof?

Still, Italian locals are wary of the operation, which is delicately removing the explosives which are only 14 meters from the star’s house. A local prefect named Michele Tortora talked to the press earlier this week about the military’s approach to the threat:

“This is a very complex operation as the munitions have been in the water for a long time and are unstable. That’s why we have taken the precaution of sealing off the entire area around the recovery operation and then the munitions will be taken to a cave where they will be safely detonated.”

This is the second incident in lake in recent weeks. A Swiss woman was found dead in the lake at the beginning of the month, but there is apparently no connection between the events.

For more on the popular actor, check out the pictures and video below!

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Photos: M. Barraza, FayesVision, PNP, Flashpoint

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