Bill Clinton Wedding Diet: No More Big Macs!

April 29, 2010

Chelsea has just one request of her father before her nuptials this summer. Lose about 15 lbs. You can bet that Big Macs are not part of the Bill Clinton wedding diet. Read more about the story plus photos and video below.

Bill Clinton

Although details of Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this summer to Marc Mezvinsky are scarce, rumor has it that the private affair will be held in July at Martha’s Vineyard. Let’s hope she’ll actually be able to walk down that aisle without the help of crutches. The former first daughter went to the doc recently after experiencing more and more pain in her right heel, only to find out that it was broken. It is said that she should be off the crutches and boot before the wedding.

So back to this whole Bill Clinton wedding diet thing. He was asked by Bob Schieffer at an event in D.C. if he was ‘in shape’ to be able to walk his daughter down the aisle. To which he responded:

“She doesn’t think I’m in shape to handle it. You know, she told me the other day, she said, ‘Dad the only thing you gotta do is walk me down the aisle and you need to look good. So I said ‘Well, what’s your definition?’ And she said: ‘Oh, about 15 pounds.’ So I’m halfway home.”

So he’s halfway there…I wonder what his exercise regimen is? Surely not jogging and making a stop at the local McDonald’s, right? Do you remember that SNL skit featuring the late Phil Hartman as Clinton as he made his way around the fast food joint greeting the customers and gobbling up their food? Hilarious. You can see the video of it below.

Quite honestly though, I didn’t think that the former pres needed to lose any weight. He looks pretty good to me, and after his recent surgery in February, you would think that Clinton watched what he ate and, according to his cardiologist, he would ‘resume his very active lifestyle’.

I can’t wait to see pictures of Chelsea’s wedding! Undoubtedly she will be a beautiful bride and I’d like to see how her Dad looks after being on the Bill Clinton wedding diet. More photos and video below.

Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Bill Clinton

Photos: Jeff Daly/, Michael Carpenter/, Carrie Devorah /,

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