Dendreon’s Provenge: Prostate Cancer Drug Approved

April 29, 2010

A new prostate cancer drug has been approved by the FDA, Dendreon’s Provenge. The drug gives hope to the many who are affected by this disease. Just last week we learned that yet another sports figure has been diagnosed with prostate cancer – Stan Kyles, the Milwaukee Brewers’ bullpen coach. Read more about this new drug here plus video.


The FDA has approved the prostrate cancer drug put out by biotech company, Dendreon. Provenge is said to “take immune cells from a patient’s blood and exposing them to a protein found in most prostate cancers. That encourages the cells to attack the cancer.”

The drug is to be administered intravenously, three total doses to be exact, and the patient should be given the dose once every two weeks.

Dendreon’s Provenge was first put on the FDA’s table for approval three years ago. They did not approve the drug, which prompted the company to do another study to prove that the drug does in fact prolong patient’s lives and “improves the quality of life” of those affected by prostate cancer.

Coincidentally, two icons in the sports world – Rosey Grier and Vida Blue, have come together for a PSA regarding the importance that early detection is crucial in beating prostate cancer. Dave Perron, Vice President of the Prostate Cancer Foundation’s baseball and sports enterprises, said:

“This spot delivers an important message with humor and will capture the attention of both men and their women. We know women are more proactive when it comes to managing their health and talk openly about these issues. Many men avoid these topics. They put off their annual exams and screenings. We hope this spot will spur, perhaps even challenge, many into action.”

You can check out video of the spot below!

What are your thoughts on the FDA’s approval of Dendreon’s Provenge? Let me know in the comments section.


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