Mamen Sanz: Raul Gonzalez’s Wife (Photos, Video)

April 27, 2010

Meet Mamen Sanz, she is the stunning wife Of Real Madrid’s Raul Gonzalez or just Raul if you prefer. Would you like to know more about her? Keep reading to know it all plus take a look at Mamen Sanz’s photos and video below.

Mamen Sanz

Mamen Sanz is married to Real Madrid long time player and Spain’s golden boy, but rumors have been telling that Raul will soon leave his long time team, the only one he has ever played, but can that be true? Rumors are also saying that Raul, Mamen and their five children will move overseas, to New York to be more specific, where he allegedly will join the New York Red Bull, can it be possible that this beautiful Spanish model/wife/mom could be landing in the U.S? Time will tell us the the answers to that, but we can take a quick look into her life.

When Mamen Sanz was just a teenage girl she wasn’t really known for that name she was simply Maria del Carmen Redondo Sanz, a beautiful Madrilena born on June 23, 1976, who dreamed about becoming a model. But she could not find the way at that time, so to get some spare money she took a job in a bar in Madrid where in the last months of 1997 she met the famous striker of Real Madrid, they keep in touch but didn’t start dating, first she wanted to accomplish her dream of becoming a model and she did it, she became Miss Madrid, and several modeling jobs began to ask for her, but then she would start her torrid romance with Raul, then he popped the question and on July 1st, 1999 they got married.

Her first son Jorge was born on February 25, 2000; Hugo came on November 20, 2002, then on November 17, 2005 the twins Mateo and Hector, but the search for the girl wasn’t over for Mamen so in 2009 Maria was born.

Besides being a full time mommy and wife she takes a little time for her modeling career, you can see her in some of her husband’s games where Raul celebrates his goals by kissing his wedding ring, or together cheering for their friend Rafael Nadal.

Take a look at Mamen Sanz’s photos and video below.

Mamen Sanz photo

Mamen Sanz Video



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