Hefner: Hollywood Sign Savior

April 27, 2010

Originally created in 1923 to advertise a real estate development, the iconic lettering and the land around it was in danger until fundraising goals were finally met with the help of Hugh Hefner. Hollywood sign support has been adding up over the past few weeks, and will now prevent homes or hotels from taking over the peak. Read more below, with great photos and video.

Hollywood Sign

The land that was sold to Fox River Financial by Howard Hughes in 2002, and now the corporation was looking to develop the land. This is where conservationists got involved and took on the task of raising $12.5 million to buy the land. On the 15th of April it looked like there was no hope.

Then they got an extension until this coming Friday, but it did not take that long! With Hugh Hefner’s Hollywood sign donation of $900,000 and some other donations, the goal was reached and nothing will be torn down!

The Playboy tycoon calls it “Hollywood’s Eiffel Tower” and said,

“I’m pleased to help preserve such an important cultural landmark. My childhood dreams and fantasies came from the movies, and the images created in Hollywood had a major influence on my life and Playboy.”

Other private donors, including Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, helped the San Francisco-based Trust for Public Land secure the 138 acres of land which will be handed over to the city. The land around the symbol will be incorporated into the existing Griffith Park. This will ensure that construction will never be allowed on the peak.

I’m glad to see that nothing will change on the mountain. I can’t imagine the long standing landmark not being there anymore. What do you think of Hugh Hefner, Hollywood sign savior? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also check out more pictures and a video below.

Hugh Hefner  1 Hugh Hefner  2 Hugh Hefner  3 Hugh Hefner  4 Hugh Hefner  5 Hugh Hefner  6

Photos: www.wenn.com/Nikki Nelson, Rachel Worth, Judy Eddy

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