Alicia Silverstone Can’t Wait to Be Pregnant!

April 26, 2010

We hear that Alicia Silverstone can’t wait to be pregnant! We have not heard a lot from this star as there have not been a lot of appearances by the ‘Clueless’ actress. However, after participating in a play, it seems she is feeling maternal. Read more about her plans below, including more photos and a video.

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She portrayed an expecting mother in the Broadway play ‘Time Stands Still,’ and this has inspired her recent desire to become a mother. She and her hubby, singer Christopher Jarecki, have been married for almost 5 years. The 33-year-old actress says she is now ready to settle down and have kids, like she’s always wanted.

This actress has actually been keeping pretty busy, even though we don’t hear about her much. Last year she debuted a vegan cookbook called “The Kind Diet.” She has also started filming two films ‘Butter’ and ‘Vamps.’ She describes herself as “slightly workaholic” and as she had the play going on as well, I might agree! But she must be doing something right as her role of Mandy Bloom, was praised by some saying it was an “enormously likable performance.” She originally played this part in LA.

“I love theater because you get to really act, and it’s very empowering. Being in “Time Stands Still” was good for me because I got to further discover a character I had first played in L.A., and working with Laura Linney every night was a fantastic learning experience… For a while in my career, I sort of forgot that I was an artist, but in the last three years, I’ve really found my independence and started to shift things.”

It seems though that even with all this Alicia Silverstone can’t wait to be pregnant more than anything else. At least that is what she told People recently.

“Wearing a pregnancy suit was so much fun. I loved the feeling of pretending to be pregnant and having little arms and legs and this big belly. I’ve been wanting to have a baby since I was 2 years old I’m destined to be a mother.”

The quote ends with the sentiment that Alicia Silverstone “can’t wait to be pregnant.” What does Jarecki think about this? Well, we don’t know, but I wouldn’t be shocked if we hear news of a new family soon!

Tell me what you think about the actress’s desires, and check out these photos and video as well!

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Photos: Vision, Joseph Marzullo, Apega, Dimitri Halkidis, Adriana M. Barraza

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