Deshawn Thomas: Javon Walker’s Other Attacker (Photos, Video)

April 25, 2010

Meet Deshawn Thomas, he was identified as Javon Walke’sr other attacker who was also found guilty, Keep reading to know more about him and don’t forget to check out some of Deshawn Thomas’ photo and video below.

Deshawn Thomas

As you all remember, Javon Walker was the victim of kidnapping, robbery and assault on June 16, 2008 in Las Vegas, just earlier this month we found out about one of his two attackers, Arfat Fadel pleaded guilty. He might be getting two years in jail, but he was willing to collaborate on the case and maybe that way he could receive a much lesser time behind bars.

Now we move on to Javon’s second attacker, a 42 year old guy named Deshawn Lamont Thomas, who was identified by Walker and Fadel as the mastermind in the attack. He was found guilty to several charges, Deshawn was actually arrested in July 2008 just one month after the attack.

You know how the events happened that night right? Thomas allegedly planned the attack, they followed Walker to some of the places he had been partying at that night, and just when they knew he was so drunk, they acted friendly looking real classy in their black Range Rover and offered him a ride. They indeed gave him a ride, that later turned out to be one hell of a ride, they took him to his hotel room, robbed him and later beat him and left him unconscious on the street.

Arfat Fadel told some very interesting details about what happened that night, he said that while he was behind the wheel it was Deshawn who was robbing Javon, taking his money, casino chips and expensive jewelry, he was the one who severely beat Javon, who was left in a parking lot in pain, where he later passed out. Some of the chips were cashed out by Arfat’s girlfriend. As for the jewelry we know that each of them split it, but until now nothing has been recovered. Deshawn Thomas didn’t testify, but it was his attorney who said that Fadel got himself a great deal to blame it on Thomas so he could get away from the blame.

Thomas has been found guilty from first-degree kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, battery, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery by the jury formed by three woman and three men. He could be spending the rest of his life in jail, his final sentence will be on June 23, but before this sentence he will have to face his sentence in May from another crime he committed when he allegedly kidnapped a 5 year old girl, took her to Vegas, pimped her and abused her.

And don’t forget this ex con’s crime committed in 1987 when he was charged with assault with a firearm, possession of cocaine and intention to distribute.

Now that we know the twisted life of Javon Walker’s other attacker, take a look at Deshawn Thomas’ photo and video below.

Deshawn Thomas photo

Deshawn Thomas Video

Deshawn Thomas Trial Video

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