Bullfighter Gored (Video): Jose Tomas In Serious Condition

April 25, 2010

‘Bullfighter Gored’ is the latest headline that is buzzing around the blogosphere and news outlets today, as we learned that Spanish Matador Jose Tomas was impaled by an 1100 pound bull in the groin. Ouch! See photos, plus we have the video below.

Bullfighter Gored

Navegante, the bull who left the Spanish bullfighter gored, went for Tomas’ groin and subsequently perforated a vein and artery.

Tomas, who has an A- blood type (which is rare), suffered a loss of 17 pints of blood. There was even an announcement made over the loudspeakers at the arena for anyone with the same blood type to please donate for possible transfusions later.

He was rushed to to the hospital where doctors performed surgery and was stabilized. Although there are some reports that surgery was performed directly at the arena. He would undergo more surgery later in the day.

His manager, Salvador Boix said, “Now he has new blood and is in intensive care, waiting to see how things evolve.”

As you can see by the video below, Tomas is right by the bull when it turns quickly, impaling him in the groin and throwing him up in the air. It was hard for me to watch. Eh, I’m a lightweight when it comes to that kind of stuff.

The 34-year-old bullfighter, who was born José Tomás Román Martín, started fighting when he was only 11 years old. He is a highly respected matador in Spain, and keeps to himself and out of the public eye. He surprised many by retiring back in 2002, without offering any explanation why but came out of retirement in 2007 and was quoted as saying, “living without bullfighting is not living”.

We wish for a speedy recovery for Jose Tomas. It is unclear how many weeks he will be out of the ring. You can see more pictures of him plus watch the ‘bullfighter gored’ video below.

Bullfighter Gored Bullfighter Jose Tomas Bullfighter Jose Tomas

Photos: Wikipedia.org/Rafael Estrella

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