Arizona Immigration Law Challenged

April 24, 2010

In what is being called the toughest bill of its kind, Governor Jan Brewer has signed the Arizona Immigration Law. Challenged at almost every corner, she is still standing behind what she says is too important to wait on Washington anymore. Read all about this situation below, including a great video.

Arizona Immigration

This legislation is controversial at the very least. Basically it gives the police the authority to stop and interrogate anyone they feel may be an illegal immigrant. Human rights activists are up in arms about this and we have even heard President Barrack Obama share his opinions on the matter.

Any measure of this kind is sure to raise some eyebrows. It is also a tricky situation (which some call unconstitutional) for a state law to regulate a federal matter. Karl Manheim of Loyola Law School states:

“States have no power to pass immigration laws because it’s an attribute of foreign affairs. Just as states can’t have their own foreign policies or enter into treaties, they can’t have their own immigration laws either.”

That is not to say that it hasn’t been tried before, though. But now, with the current administration already in the process of reforming the federal legislation, Arizona’s immigration laws challenged their process. But then again maybe it will be a good boost for what is to come with that.

Regardless of what it will cause to happen, I can definitely see the validity in the argument that it may cause problems with racial profiling and things of that sort. In a state where authorities have been accused of issues with this before, I can see a potential problem. I mean what would be the basis for assuming someone is an illegal?

Brewer has made her best efforts to ensure that this was addressed in the bill and stated Friday, after signing:

“Border-related violence and crime due to illegal immigration are critically important issues to the people of our state. We cannot sacrifice our safety to the murderous greed of drug cartels. We cannot stand idly by as drop houses, kidnappings and violence compromise our quality of life.”

I guess time will tell how this plays out. But for now, let me know your comments, and check out this video below.

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