Hayden Panettiere Hair ‘Do: Too Short? (Photos & Video)

April 23, 2010

Oh. My. God. Have you seen the latest ‘do of Hayden Panettiere? Hair cut is wayyy too short in my opinion. Girlfriend’s only 21 years old and the new cut makes her look much older. As in Facebook talk – √ Dislike! Check out the photos plus a video here.

Hayden Panettiere Hair

Everyone’s buzzing about our favorite cheerleader Hayden Panettiere. Hair of the long and luscious is no more for this Heroes star, as she now sports a very short style.

She debuted her look last night at the Global Home Tree Earth Day party where James Cameron served as the host. On her arm was her boxer boyfriend, Wladimir Klitschko, who at 33 years of age, is 12 years older than the former Guiding Light star. The two have been an item since they were snapped earlier this year in Miami. You can see those pictures here. It’s a bit of a mismatch if you ask me…he stands at 6’6″ and petite Hayden is 5’2″. But you know, whatever works for ya!

Anyways, Hayden is no stranger to changing hairstyles. In this new cropped ‘do, her hair is a little bit darker as well. It’s definitely better than when she switched her blond locks to red a little while ago. She was asked by US Magazine at the time why she opted for the red, saying:

“I’m typically a very fiery person anyway, but I just feel like cute and blonde and little is just so one category and one thing and changing my hair color, I feel like I don’t have to overcompensate so much for the fact that I don’t like being called cute or anything like that — especially being all 5-foot-2 of me.”

Well al-righty then, your wish is granted Hayden Panettiere – hair ‘do in the short style is sooo not cute! What are your thoughts on her new look, readers? Please let me know. Do you love it or hate it? You can see more photos and video of her below plus check out some additional pics here where there are some profile shots to get an idea of how short her hair really is.

Hayden Panettiere Hair Hayden Panettiere Hair Hayden Panettiere Hair

Photos: www.wenn.com, FayesVision

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One Response to “Hayden Panettiere Hair ‘Do: Too Short? (Photos & Video)”

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    I love Hayden Panettiere Says:

    Her hair looks beautiful =3 And she looks great too =] She can never look “bad” or “ugly”. Hayden Panettiere is AMAZING =D!!!