Sonam Choezom: Steven Seagal’s Nanny “Shocked” By Claims

April 22, 2010

This whole dilemma seems to be just a mess to me. First the personal assistant files a lawsuit, then two more accusers (real or not) surface, and the whole time no one grants it any credibility on the side of Steven Seagal. Sonam Choezom, his former nanny, now says she doesn’t believe it either. Read all about it below, including more photos and a great video.

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This story hasn’t been in the news long, and after several claims from both sides, TMZ has now talked with the aforementioned employee, who has nothing but good things to say. Now it just looks like a battle of who can get more people on their side for the case!

Apparently Sonam Choezom & Steven Seagal met and he offered her a job to come nanny for him so she could afford her ill father’s medical treatments. This was back in 1996 and she said she encountered nothing but a kind and considerate atmosphere. When she heard about the sex case she said, “I was very surprised.”

Not everyone shares the mindset that the 57 year old is so honest in his ways. Possible sexual harassment issues seem to find a way to crop into the “Lawman” actor’s life. We have even recently heard from his ex-wife Kelly Brock who was not surprised by the accusations, and is simply upset (since they have kids together). When asked about her autobiography, she said:

“I was constantly raped and abused my whole life,” and continued “I had a life before Steven Seagal, and a life after him. This book is not about Steven Seagal. But good or bad, he is a part of my life.”

This will obviously need to be handled delicately, regardless of the integrity of the allegations. That is why lawyers got involved immediately and have been “scheming” (for lack of a better word) ever since! I believe more drama is sure to come before this all unfolds!

Check out these photos and video, and make sure to let me know what you think of the latest development with Sonam Choezom & Steven Seagal.

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Photos: Nelson, Stephanie Methven, Apega

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