Geico Voice Actor Fired for FreedomWorks Voicemail

April 24, 2010

Lance Baxter, better known as D.C. Douglas, is being let go from the insurance company giant. Geico voice actor = FIRED! See all the details below including a video.

Geico actor

In his calm message, asking for a call back, (which you can hear below) Douglas inquires about the intellect of the Tea Party participants and their plans when sticky situations come their way. Well okay that’s putting it a little nicely! After the recipients heard the message they posted about it on their website, which got the Geico voice actor fired.

The voicemail says,

“I just need to know what the percentages of people who are mentally retarded are who work for the organization… and also what your plans are for when one of your members actually kills somebody.”

The Geico voice actor admits his actions were “stupid” and that perhaps he just got a little carried away once the group yelled remarks at Barney Frank and others. He does claim full responsibility for his actions though.

“I don’t blame GEICO for protecting themselves. They have a business to run and can’t waste time getting caught up in FreedomWorks’ circus. And they’ve been very good to me in the past.”

The FreedomWorks party was definitely upset and when Matt Kibbe (president) posted the audio message on their site, they gave out his phone number and Geico’s so members could call and state that they are, “ in fact, are not a mentally retarded killer.”

Everyone will have a side and their opinions of this political group. But I have to say after reading the transcripts and hearing the message, and actions that followed, Douglas was out of line and Geico made the right decision.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Also you can listen to the message and hear more of the details in the news video below.

GeicoGeico actor


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