Locklear Cited: Hit & Run Drama

April 21, 2010

After her DUI in September of 2008, Heather has been serving probation and now we hear about Locklear cited in a hit & run accident. There will have to be some investigation since cops were called to the scene so late. Read more about the tricky situation below, and see more photos and video.

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Apparently a neighbor heard the crash at 4:00 am Saturday morning, and the thought is that the actress ran up on the curb and hit a no parking sign with her black BMW and went home. Much later in the day the police were called, looked at the scene and matched the damage on her car. At her home a citation was given, and it gets more interesting there.

There are all different opinions about this accident. Some say that Heather was probably intoxicated, as her car had been on the curb and it was so late in the night. And others, like Blair Berk, her attorney, say it may not have been her driving and no one can prove that she was drunk.

Apparently Locklear’s cited “with a misdemeanor traffic ticket as she is the registered owner of the vehicle,” Berk said in a written statement. “She was never taken into custody. The matter is still being looked into as it is not yet clear who was driving the vehicle.”

The police feel that they can most certainly prove it was the actress that was in charge of the car that night, and will be doing all they can to prove that fact.

“An individual heard a crash at 4 a.m. on Saturday,” Capt. Ross Bonfiglio of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. “It was her black BMW. [The scene] is close to her home. One of the ways we identified it as her car was debris at the collision scene, which matched her car. We believe there’s enough probable cause to establish that she was the driver.”

It seems that both sides are diligently trying to make their case. Although they technically arrested her, authorities did not take her into custody as it was “just” a misdemeanor. And Locklear cited for a hit & run versus another DUI may be lucky, but no one will know since a blood alcohol test couldn’t be administered. I’m sure we will hear much more soon, as she must appear in court on May 17th.

Tell me what you think about this accident and all the complications in the comment section. Also don’t miss these pictures and video below.

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Photos: www.wenn.com/KOKOPIX, FayesVision, Nikki Nelson, Dimitri Halkidis, Starbux, KAT

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